看著照片 似乎才開始kick in the feeling

愛哭的我 昨天竟然沒掉淚 只是呆住了

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"You never change, You are the God You say You are 
When I'm afraid You calm and still my beating heart 
You stay the same, when hope is just a distant thought 

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Two years past, thanks Jesus in His grace I finally made it. I'd never thought I will come to America and study here. But God is an amazing God. He made a perfect plan for me. Guided me. Opened the door for me. And Blessed me.

Because He brought me here, I got a chance to study in my dreamed school- UCLA. Opened my eyes to see things in different ways I would never seen. Met a lot of excellent practitioners and current/future leaders in the nursing field. Most importantly, I was drawn back to His love and rebuilt my relationship with Jesus.

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因為如果早一點點看到學姐們的分享文,當我碰到問題時,可能會feel better,至少知道學姐們也是這樣走過來。


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LongD LongD 早在濮先生收到acceptance時 就不時的在我耳邊聽別人講起

大家說我一定會不習慣 會傷心 當下聽了也沒多大的感覺


八月初 濮先生走了 去一個聽說很像台北天氣的地方

oregon 到底實際離 LA有多遠 我也不曉得

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真的 距離上一次 竟然已經三個月了

這三個月 我很好 也很不好


人生進入下一個階段 新的環境 新的事物 新的挑戰

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  • May 21 Sat 2011 09:27
  • 出口

我開始明白要先放手 才摸得到天空



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From the bottom of my heart, I think I need to choose LLU.

I think it's a test that God want to see if I really want to give Him 100% of mine.

when I made the decision, I began to cry...like you give your favor things to somebody..

I said to God...God if it is Your will, comfort me, let me don't feel sad but full of the joy.


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