This is a picture I made for my lovely papa and mama =)


I am not a 黏人的 child.

當初離開家去台中念高中 去台南念大學 也從未想家什麼的

Not until I came to the U.S., I realized how much I love my family and want to be with them.


When I was teenager, 巴不得不要在家

In college, 回家是因為媽媽說要幫我付車票錢, She told me she miss me...

現在, 我巴不得我常常可以回家

然後我可以自己賺錢 然後跟爸爸媽媽說 我就是要飛回去看你們 怎麼樣



回家 變成是一件奢侈的事情之後 才知道自己有多麼渴望回家





Chinese New Year is coming..

對於沒有放假的新年 我好像已經漸漸習慣

對於因為幫我拿 而有double紅包的妹妹 她應該也見見習慣了吧


teacher said, you are in the U.S. so you still need to study and write your homework in Chinese New Year...

so I give myself a break for three weeks...bcuz I am Taiwanese =P

Happy Chinese New Year to people who I love...

May you have a wonderful year!!


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