"We love, because he first loved us." John 4:19


This is where we began... It is a kind of beautiful and "romantic" place...

Thank you for your patience...never give up, try to ask me again and again...

Thanks God told you clearly,

so you know the decision what you made is correct and kept hanging on it.


Honestly speaking, I was not sure about our relationship first,

specially when we were fighting with our different culture and value..

sometimes I felt frustrated and thought maybe I am wrong again, 

you are not who God wants to give to me,

I should wait for His clearer answer and proof when I said Yes to you..


everytime when we were arguing the voice and accusation come back to me

and told me..I am wrong because I didn't wait for "THE ONE" God prepare for me.


I am thankful for God's mercy, and I knew He know I am struggling..

so He told me clearly...

in that night when Allen Hood talked about God told him how beautiful his wife is...

God also told me..how great my son is..stop struggling..look, he is the one I prepare for you.

and I looked at you from my seat, you closed your eyes to workship our God.

I said thank you to Jesus...

thank You give me a man who is willing to love You and after Your heart.

This is my prayer few years ago, and I knew You were listening..


even we are still arguing or fighting sometimes..

I am willing to learn how to be a woman God created me in the begining.

May God's presence and protection in us forever and ever..

"We love, because he first loved us." 


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