Two weeks ago, I got an acceptance from UCLA right before LLU's spring quarter began...

When 姑姑 told me the news, I was totally freak out...

I thought, is it a test or temptation for my faith to God?

It's always my prayer that I want to give my graduate school study and my dream to God..

During the process of applying LLU, I can fell God's blessing and presence.

I can tell how match their mission statement and my expectation.

I've never doubt it is not the school God prepared for me.

So when I got the acceptance of UCLA, I think I should stand firm with what I believe.


But it's not easy for me, when everyone tried to convince me drop LLU and choose UCLA.

I am thanksful I have a mother who put her faith in God and always look upon His eyes.

She told me no matter which school I decided going to,

she will respect my deciseion because she know I will ask God's will.


It is my first time, really first time in my life, I need to make a such big decision by myself.

I am not decisive person...every time when I need to make some decisions, I always consult other people.

Specially my mom..

The most common words I said to my mom is "pray for me, told me how God want me to do."

My mom like a bridge between me and God, I don't know how to seek God's will by myself, always rely my mommy.


God has already told me ahead, when I went to onething, the prophet told me..

"I am walking on a sidewalk, it is in the end..

now in front of me is a rock road and I have a lamp which can help me walk through the road."

"God's words is the lamp, only His words can help me go through my future way...

neither my parents nor everyone I love can help me to make the decision...

and the decision you are gonna make is really can effect your life.."

I couldn't understand in that time..what the prophecy is talking about..?


So I asked God, really first time I bowed down my knees and prayed...

I said, "God speak to me..I need your help...I want you involve in my life..

so give me a clear confirmation which school you want me to go.

Empty my mind, only allow your thought and revelation into my mind,

give me the wisdom and knowledge to understand your way and guidness."


I need to make a decision with in 24 hours, 

tell you the truth, I doubt if He will give me a clear confirmation or not..

but I know God is the all I have,if I really want to follow His way, 

I need to listen to what He say and obey His guidness.

so I put my faith in Him, I believe He must give me the answer with 24 hours!!

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