God is really amazing and He is the greatest doctor!


I went to Onething 2010.

and I think God is so great that He gives me so much blessing more than I can imagine.


Last summer when I came back to Taiwan, My back got hurt and I couldn't find the reason.

I did examination, ate medicine and did physical therapy but the pain wasn't gone.

After I was back to the U.S., the only thing I can do was pray

because even I have insurance the PT fee still so high (500/12 times.).

every night I need to use hot compress to reduce the pain.

I can't sit and study too long because the pain will get worse and worse...

It was before my NCLEX test, so I feel very frustrated

that my body are not allow me to stay concentrated in my study.


In onething, they have healing room, but I never thought I need to go

because I don't think my pain is BIG enough..there are too many people

who are more painful than me.

but David told me "you need go to healing room to ask God heal you.",

then he took me to the healing room.


I am so confused and a little afraid, because I don't know what will happen.

I took my little faith into the healing room...

He loves me so much..

During the prayer, I felt the heat in my right hand and I saw Jesus stand in front of me.

Then the ladies who pray for me asked me am I still in pain,

I touched my back and I was so shocked...

"No, no pain..how can it happen?" I said

They told me God want to give me a lot of blessings.


When I back to the conference, I began felt my back was sour pain like I workout too much..

I was confused again, am I really got healing?

but Kevin told me when I felt sour, it's a process of healing.

so I told myself, yes, I got healing and the sore pain was just temporary.


I still felt the sour pain..

I began to doubt my healing..

Maybe God don't want to heal me..maybe the experience I had was not real...

A lot of negative thought got into my heart..and I ask God why He didn't want to take away my pain. 


In the last night of conference, they were praying for the healing...

I was sit in the beginning, but somehow there were a voice ask me to stand ask for healing..

A girl I don't know pray for me..and I felt Holy Spirit, a strong power power like hot wind..

I saw Jesus again, but this time was more clear and closer, 

and He used His own hand touched my back..

then the power of Holy Spirit was getting stronger and almost push me over..

(I know what's the feeling, I was pushed over by the Holy Spirit so many time when I was a child.

when I am getting older, I don't like the expression of the work of Holy Spirit)

I was afraid, I thought I may hit the chair if i fall down..

I began to resist..every time I felt I am almost pushed over, I grasp the girl who was praying for me..

again and again...I know it is really God's work...He is real and I can't deny anymore..

so I said to the Lord..."OK, I give up..I surrender to You.."

then the Holy Spirit pushed me over, and thank dear Emily she caught me...

I began stretching my body...I bent down my waist...

I knew it's not me to bend my waist, because my flexibility was not good enough to do this...


When I opened my eyes again, I saw Emily and told her this is so strange and I am so scared.

I was holding her and started crying..

In the beginning I just want to tell her I am afraid..but I didn't know why I began to wail...

I even didn't know why I was crying for, but I couldn't stop myself.. 

then my brothers and sisters in Christ came to me and prayed for me.

According Kevin's speaking, his hand was on fire when he pray for me..

I was crying for a while...and when I calmed down, I felt very relaxed.

They asked me do I still feel pain.

I move my body and jump, and I said..."no, I don't feel pain.."


The rest of the night, we were jumping, dancing and singing to worship our God.

He is so good, so amazing!! He gives us freedom and joy in that night.

I will always remember the day- 12.31.2010

Praise the Lord!

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  • Sandra
  • Wow!! I was so touched by your testmony
    God is GREAT, All The TimE!! Prasie Lord!
  • Praise Our Amazing God =)

    Tina Sun 於 2011/01/25 03:01 回覆