For a long time, I’ve been waiting for You

You have won my heart, and I am following

For a long time, I’ve been crying out for You

Tears make my heart soft

And I am ready for the return of the Lover


Fashioned from the very fabric of God

At the start of time, set free to decide

I will love You, ’cause You’re the One who loved me first

Just one look from Your eyes

I’m captivated by the eyes of the Lover


Take my heart, my mind and strength too

I was made for loving You

I will wait, and I’ll be faithful

I was made for loving You


Bowing low in the presence of the One

At the end of time, I’ll hear the bells chime for our wedding

It will wait no longer now

Oh how I love You

I’ll finally fall into the arms of the Lover


With all my heart

With all my soul

With all my strength

And all I know


I was made for loving You 

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